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Thank you to everyone who supported my Maternity Leave Project! (You can check them all out on this playlist)
I am officially back at work! 
I have also started a (scarcely updated, because of the baby...) Postpartum Project (this playlist).
I hope to see you at concerts and events, which you can check out on the "Concerts" page. Thank you!!




I am now officially on (self-imposed, because I’m a freelancer…) maternity leave! This is literally the first time for me to not have to practice the harp for anything specific in my adult life for such a long period of time. Knowing myself quite well, I'm also a bit worried that I'll feel unproductive and / or anxious about not being an active part of society.

So I thought I'd make a project out of it - at least until the baby is here - to upload videos of me playing pieces I like, as much as possible. 1 video a day might be a bit ambitious but let's see how I do... at least it will prompt me to get up, out of my pajamas and look somewhat presentable :)

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#MaternityLeaveProject #産休プロジェクト

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Practical Gigging Handout PDF
World Harp Congress 2014 Sydney

Handouts for my lecture "Practical Gigging with the harp"
Gigging handout.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.0 MB

(photo by Keita Haginiwa)


週刊文春webでカメラマンの萩庭桂太さんが連載しているFor Your Eyes Onlyという記事にて、8/5からHarp & Soulがフォーカスされました!


A Shukan Bunshun web article called "For Your Eyes Only", is a serial article with photos taken by famous photographer Keita Haginiwa - and they are featuring Harp & Soul on their 8/5-9 articles!!!!

"Lemongrass" 全7曲 定価1500円(税込み)


Available now at major records stores in Japan, including Ginza Yamaha and Tower Records


to buy online, please click here (tower records)


Harp & Soulのウェブサイトができました!

We now have a Harp & Soul website



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私がテーマソングを弾かせて頂いているドキュメンタリー作家Paul Johannessenの石巻の被災地についてのドキュメンタリー、Then and Nowがイギリスの映画祭、Super Shorts Film Festival 2012でグランプリおよびドキュメンタリー賞を受賞しました!


"Then and Now", a documentary by Paul Johannessen in which I am playing the soundtrack, has won the Grand Prize and Best Documentary Award at Super Shorts Film Festival 2012, a film festival in the UK!

ドキュメンタリー作家Paul Johannessenの3.11についてのドキュメンタリー、Then and Nowにてテーマソングを演奏しています。2012/3/11には現地石巻にて演奏会を開催する予定です。


You can hear me playing the theme song on Paul Johannessen's documentary about the disaster-stricken Ishinomaki area, "Then and Now". We plan on holding a concert in Ishinomaki on the anniversary, March 11th 2012.

フォトグラファー兼シルク・ド・ソレイユのベーシスト、Craig Harrisのモデルをした写真がHPにアップされています♪


Pictures I modeled for for photographer and Cirque de Soleil bassist Craig Harris are up on his website!

インテリアショップ「Moda en Casa」のサイトの「ステキナヒト」ページでご紹介頂いています♪

I'm being introduced on the new website for an Interior shop "Moda en Casa"


Does anyone want to come for a trial harp lesson in Kichijoji? I'm on their flyer :)


I am now an "elgant blogger" on a website run by the prestigious magazine, 25ans


“本当に必要なものだけを取り入れる”――「ストイックビューティ」という新しい思想とともに、現代女性の美のヒントを様々な視点から提供する新ウェブサ イト「ホテル ストイックビューティ」に、インタビューが載っています!是非チェックしてごらんになってください♩こちらからどうぞ。


There is an interview of me on a new Japanese website promoting "Stoic Beauty" - you can find the page here!


Exclusive interview in the June 2011 edition of a Japanese magazine "25ans", now on sale at bookstores around Japan

25ans June 2011
25ans June 2011

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Harp and Soul page is now ready!
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New video on Home page and video page!



I am now an "elegant blogger" on a website run by the prestigious magazine, 25ans