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Our next show....


Harp & Soul / Shamanz SUmmer LIVE! 



1st set (SHAMANZ):20:00

2nd set (Harp & Soul):21:00

Music Charge : 2000+ご飲食代



Date:Sunday, July 5th, 2015


1st set (SHAMANZ):20:00

2nd set (Harp & Soul):21:00

Music Charge : 2000+drinks

Place:Akasaka Crawfish

Reservations : TEL.03-3584-2496



We (Harp & Soul), are happy to announce our summer live with the original members of the band on July 5th. We are delighted to have the talented members of Shamanz share the evening with us! 
Come on down. Special prize to the one dressed most summery!!

(Please note: crawfish music charge is 2,000 yen) 

SHAMANZ: https://www.facebook.com/shamanzsounds?fref=ts

HARP & SOUL: https://www.facebook.com/harpandsoultokyo?fref=ts

Our CD "Lemongrass" is on sale!

Harp & Soul CD "Lemongrass"

"Lemongrass" 全7曲 定価1500円(税込み)


Available now at major records stores in Japan, including Ginza Yamaha and Tower Records

"Lemongrass" 全7曲 定価1500円(税込み)


  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1

"Lemongrass" 全7曲 定価1500円(税込み)


Available now at major records stores in Japan, including Ginza Yamaha and Tower Records


to buy online, please clickhere (Tower Records Online shop)

オンラインでのご注文はこちら (タワーレコーズ・オンラインショップ)へ!!

Other News

(photo by Keita Haginiwa)


週刊文春webでカメラマンの萩庭桂太さんが連載しているFor Your Eyes Onlyという記事にて、8/5からHarp & Soulがフォーカスされました!


A Shukan Bunshun web article called "For Your Eyes Only", is a serial article with photos taken by famous photographer Keita Haginiwa - and they are featuring Harp & Soul on their 8/5-9 articles!!!!

Harp & Soulのウェブサイトができました!

We now have a Harp & Soul website!



Also, "like" our Facebook page too!


About Harp & Soul

Harp & Soul is a 4 woman band made up of musicians who play their favorite tunes together. Vocalist and songwriter Aimee Blackschleger is a singer whose voice has been heard in many commercials, games and anime songs in Japan. Her original songs and lyrics are one of a kind, emotional and overwhelmingly beautiful - the members are always on the verge of tears every time she introduces a new song. Kari Melody has been grabbing the hearts of many, singing at live shows and events, with her exceptionally deep and soulful voice. Percussionist Gisappe comes from a rock background, having played the drums since she was 13. She has taken up the cajon, which is a box-shaped drum originally used in Afro-Peruvian music, to add a heartbeat to the band. Finally, Kaoru Arai-Colucci plays the harp - the concert grand harp as well as the Irish harp, to accompany and add color to this unique indie/pop girl-band.