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東京都出身。13歳よりハープを井上久美子氏に師事。 武蔵野音楽大学器楽学科弦楽器専修ハープ科を卒業。

2011年にはドキュメンタリー作家Paul Johannessenの東日本大震災/津波についてのドキュメンタリー、Then and Nowのサウンドトラックを演奏し、この作品がイギリスの映画祭、2012年Super Shorts Film Festivalでグランプリおよびドキュメンタリー賞を受賞する。


2012 年にはアメリカ人シンガー二人とパーカッションとともに、女性4人の異色ユニットHarp&Soulを結成、翌年7月にファーストアルバム 「Lemongrass」をインディーズでリリース。クラシックのイメージを払拭させるようなポップな演奏とアレンジに力を入れており、国内外で活動中。2014年シドニーで行われた世界ハープ会議にて、「Gigging with the Harp」と題したレクチャーを行い、世界のハープ界においても好評を博す。 また、2013年よりPremium Concert for Kidsのメンバーとして子供のためのコンサート活動を行っている。2019年にはサルヴァトール・ダリが構想を練っていたものの作られることのなかったマークス・ブラザーズの映画「Giraffes on Horseback Salad」がグラフィック・ノヴェルとサウンドトラックになり、Harpo Marxの弾くハープをイメージしたハープをアレンジ・録音。




Kaoru Arai-Colucci

A Tokyo native, Kaoru Arai-Colucci started studying the harp under Kumiko Inoue, a renowned harpist and former Vice President of the World Harp Congress, at the age of 13. She graduated with honors from Musashino Academia Musicae.

Her musical repertoire is not limited to classical music, and she is actively giving performances in a wide variety of music, often playing with jazz and pop musicians. In 2011 she recorded the soundtrack to the film "Then and Now", a documentary filmed by videographer Paul Johannessen about the devastating East Japan earthquake and tsunami, which received Grand Prix and Best Documentary awards at the 2012 Super Shorts Film Festival. In 2012 she started a 4-women band Harp & Soul with 2 singers and a cajonist, and released their first album in July 2013.

As a soloist, she not only performs classical and jazz on the grand concert harp, but experiments with jazz, improvisation, pop, and world music using her Camac electric folk harp, with which she travels the world. She gave a lecture titled “Gigging with the harp” at the 2014 World Harp Congress in Sydney, for which she received high praise from the harp world. Her most recent addition to her instrument collection is an electro-acoustic Salvi grand harp "Echo", which makes the difficult task of amplifying a grand harp remarkably easier. In 2015 she started a harp duo "Les Colocs", with her best friend and renowned harpist Kyoko Okuda. In 2019, she "reenacted" Harpo Marx by arranging and playing the harp part for "Giraffes on Horseback Salad", a now-resurrected graphic novel and a soundtrack based on Salvador Dali's unmade movie starring the Marx Brothers.

In 2020, Kaoru got together with Shakuhachi player Bruce Huebner and started a new duo, calling themselves "The Land of Nod". They are currently working on their first album.

Having spent her formative years in the US, she is fluent in both Japanese and English, and can also converse in French. She enjoys teaching as well, both privately and at a school in Tokyo. She had also been the muse and model for painter Masao Yokoo from 2020, until he passed away in 2018.